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Educational Offerings

Unlocking your child's potential, one lesson at a time!

Both individual and small group sessions are available!

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Through targeted instruction, I will help your student with their fluency and accuracy skills.


A Science of Reading aligned approach will be used to address the root of common reading challenges like dyslexia. Regular assessments will be used to ensure your child is making progress. 

Both decoding and comprehension skills can be worked on.


Through a hands-on, inquiry based approach, I will help your child feel less daunted by math tasks. 

I find students learn best through visuals and hands on practice to help them "see" and get the concepts. Students will be explicitly taught problem solving skills to help them learn how to approach math work with confidence. 

Both remediation and enrichment mathematics can be offered.

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Through explicit, sound to print, instruction I will help your child become aware of a variety of syllable types, become confident in identifying vowel patterns, expand their vocabulary, and help them confidently read and write words.


Using the ThinkSRSD writing framework, an evidence based approach, your child will learn how to confidently organize, plan, and write a strong paragraph. This structured and explicit approach provides students with strategies and targeted skill practice. These enable students to translate their ideas onto paper more easily. 


Does your child need personalized enrichment to help them reach their potential? 

A variety of enriching, often project-based learning opportunities can be designed to enable your child to channel their academic passions. 

Executive Functioning

Does your child struggle to stay organized? Are tasks - both academic and chores - never completed in a timely fashion? 

Your child may benefit from targeted lessons to help them learn how to organize themselves.



Kindergarten readiness is a way to describe the things a child should know and be able to do when they start kindergarten. 

Your child may benefit from building their pre-reading skills, practicing letter formation, enhancing their listening and communication skills, getting an introduction to basic math concepts, and acquiring an active interest in the world. All done in a stress free, play based manner.

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